This section describes how to monitor and troubleshoot the AppDefense by using the AppDefense Appliance, vSphere Client, vCenter Server, AppDefense Manager, and other AppDefense components, as needed.

You can collect log files that can help to troubleshoot any issues with AppDefense as follows:
Option Description
AppDefense Manager > Appliance > Enable automatic log collection. You can help VMware to collect log files automatically from AppDefense Manager when you have subscribed to the AppDefense Service (SaaS).
  1. Log in to the AppDefense Manager.
  2. Click the Settings () icon.
  3. Click Appliances, and go to Disable automatic log collection.
  4. Enable the Disable automatic log collection option to help VMware to collect log files from your server.

VMware uses the log files only to solve support issues for which a ticket is opened. You can disable the automatic collect log collection option at any time.

AppDefense Appliance > Configuration > Troubleshoot > Metrics tab. View and monitor the memory and CPU use for all the AppDefense Appliance services.
AppDefense Appliance > Configuration > Troubleshoot > Log Export tab. You can export logs for the required duration of the following components:
  • Hosts
  • VMs

For details, refer to Export Logs.

Collect logs manually from vSphere Client. For details, refer to Collecting ESXi Host Logs Manually.