Automatic or manual upgrade of the AppDefense Guest Module for Windows or Linux system can fail when the Remediation Rule is set to Block and Alert for the outbound connections. This is applicable when you have AppDefense Service, and the virtual machine with the guest module is added to the scope which is in the Protected Mode.


The problem occurs as the connection to download the upgrade package gets blocked.


  1. Log in to the AppDefense Manager.
  2. Filter and click the Scope where the virtual machine is added. Verify that the scope is in the Protected Mode. Go to the Rules tab, and verify that the Enforce Outbound Connections rule is set enabled.
    The problem is occurring as the connection to download the upgrade package is getting blocked. You should move the Scope which is in the Protected Mode to the Discovery Mode to download the upgrade package.
  3. Click the More options () icon, and then click Move to discovery mode.
    Guest module upgrade bundle gets available based on your configured upgrade strategy.
  4. Upgrade the AppDefense Guest Module. For details, refer to the Upgrade section. Make sure to keep the virtual machine in the Discovery Mode until upgrade is complete.
  5. After upgrade is successful, move the Scope to the Protected Mode again. Go to the Scope, and then click Verify and Protect.