Before you install or upgrade AppDefense, your system hardware must meet the following requirements. You can install one AppDefense Appliance per vCenter Server.

AppDefense Appliance Hardware Requirements

AppDefense Appliance Requirements
Memory 24 GB
Disk Space 237 GB
vCPU 16 vCPU
Note: The minimum requirements listed for the AppDefense modules are in addition to the minimum requirements for the virtual machine (VM). For more details on VM requirements, refer to the vSphere documentation.

AppDefense Host Module Hardware Requirements

AppDefense Host Module Requirements
Memory 230 MB
Disk Space 15 MB

AppDefense Guest Module Hardware Requirements for Windows System

AppDefense Guest Module Windows Requirements
Memory 512 MB
Disk Space 20 MB (Driver and Service binaries)

1 vCPU

4 vCPU for In-Memory Process Forensics (IMPF) service

Virtual Machine Hardware Version (vmx) 13 or later

AppDefense Guest Module Hardware Requirements for Linux System

AppDefense Guest Module Linux Requirements
Memory 1 GB
Disk Space 5 MB

Special Hardware Requirement

Component Requirements
ESXi host Make sure that the cpuHwMmuSupported flag is true for the physical CPU.