AppDefense Appliance is unreachable and unresponsive, and you want to redeploy the appliance. To redeploy the same appliance, you must have Manager API key and Manager UUID of the Appliance saved somewhere.


  • You are not able to log in to AppDefense Appliance. You reset password multiple times, but you are getting Invalid Credentials Error.
  • Unable to see status of any services as the Appliance is unresponsive.
  • When trying to log in, you get message as Error | Unable to connect Appliance.


Deletion of appliance VM accidentally, or appliance disk corruption due to underline storage issue, and so on.

Important: You must have Manager UUID and Manager API Key of the appliance that you want to redeploy.


  1. (Required) Find the API key and UUID of the appliance that you want to redeploy.
  2. Delete old Appliance from vSphere Client as described in steps 6-9 in Uninstall AppDefense Appliance.
  3. Deploy appliance OVA as described in Deploy AppDefense Appliance in the vCenter Server.
    Note: If you are not able to access appliance UI, clear the web browser SSL certificate cache and then log in to appliance.
  4. Register appliance with vCenter Server using the same UUID and API key, as described in Register AppDefense Appliance With vCenter Server.

    You must use the same Manager UUID and Manager API Key of the appliance that was deployed earlier.

  5. After new appliance is deployed, you must synchronize configuration across all hosts for your VMs to become active again.
    1. Log in to the AppDefense Manager.
    2. Click Inventory. Make sure that you are in Hosts tab.
    3. Select the required hosts, and click Config Sync. Updating host configuration updates host with new appliance's IP address and certificate.
    4. Go to the VMs tab and verify the VMs are assigned to correct host.


AppDefense Appliance is redeployed and host configuration is synchronized.

What to do next

If you forget UUID and API key, you have to deploy new appliance. As you have not used the same UUID and API key, member VMs that are assigned to the scope or service gets removed. The scope or services created earlier are not deleted. However, after you deploy new appliance, you have to assign VMs to the service again. In this case, you must know VMs that are associated with hosts before you deploy appliance again.