You can enable AppDefense Service when you register AppDefense Appliance with vCenter Server. You can connect AppDefense Appliance with AppDefense Service(SaaS) to communicate with the AppDefense Manager, enabling the complete solution.


  • You have installed the AppDefense Appliance.
  • The AppDefense Appliance VM is powered-on.
  • You have provisioned the AppDefense Appliance as follows. For more information, refer to Step 1B: Provision the Deployed AppDefense Appliance in the Installing AppDefense.

    1. Log in to AppDefense Manager.
    2. Click the settings icon > Appliance > Provision New Appliance page. The New Appliance window appears.
    3. Create an appliance by entering the appliance name, and then click Provision.

      The appliance name is an identifier and does not need to match the actual VM name within the vCenter Server, but the best practice is to match the names. For example, Appliance.

      The New Appliance Created window appears.

    4. Create an appliance by entering the appliance name, and then click Provision.
    5. The New Appliance Created window displays the URL for the manager in the region, UUID, and appliance API key. Keep this window open until the appliance configuration is done, or note down the information and preserve to use in SaaS configuration.


  1. Open a web browser, and navigate to AppDefense Appliance GUI at https://<appliance ip address>. The Select a certificate window appears.
  2. You can log in to the AppDefense Appliance using either the admin credentials or using the certificate.
    1. If you want to log in to the AppDefense Appliance using the admin credentials, click Cancel. Use the admin credentials that you added while installing the AppDefense Appliance OVA file.

      Important: Do not click OK to accept the certificate.
    2. If you want to log in to AppDefense Appliance using self-signed or CA certificate, then follow the procedure as described in the Log In to AppDefense Appliance With Certificate topic.
      The AppDefense Dashboard appears as a default home page.
  3. Go to the Appliance > Registration tab.
  4. In the AppDefense Manager section, click Edit and configure the following values.
  5. To enable AppDefense Service, click the SaaS Service toggle button and enter the following details. When subscribed to the AppDefense Service (SaaS), you can seamlessly navigate to the AppDefense Manager and create a scope, service, and take the necessary remediation action from the AppDefense Manager.
    SaaS Description
    AppDefense Manager URL URL of the AppDefense Manager. Enter the appropriate URL based on your region. For example:
    • US region:
    • UK region:
    • Frankfurt region:
    • Sydney region:
    Manager UUID

    Enter the appdefense.appliance.uuid obtained from the AppDefense Manager. For example, appdefense.appliance.uuid=xxxxxx1-axxx-4xxx-axxx-dxxxxxxxxxx5.
    Manager API key Enter the appdefense.appliance.api-key obtained from the AppDefense Manager. For example, appdefense.appliance.api-key=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
  6. Click Save.


The SaaS Service is enabled.

What to do next

You can log in to AppDefense Manager and use all the AppDefense Service capabilities. For more details on using AppDefense Manager, see AppDefense Getting Started.