The second step in the upgrade process is to upgrade the AppDefense Host Module.

If you have subscribed to the AppDefense Service (SaaS), you can upgrade the host module from the AppDefense Manager as well. For details, refer to Installing AppDefense.


A new upgrade bundle is available.


  1. Log in to the vSphere Client.
  2. Go to the host where you want to upgrade, and on the Summary tab, scroll down to the AppDefense panel. If necessary, expand the panel.
    You can also use the Configure > AppDefense > Security tab.

  3. Click Upgrade AppDefense.
    A new task for the upgrade appears in the Recent Tasks pane. After the task is complete, the AppDefense Host Module is upgraded and displays the latest version.


AppDefense Host Module upgraded and displays the latest version.

What to do next

Upgrade AppDefense Guest Module.