You can enable the log collection for a host or a guest module. When a host module or a guest module becomes unreachable, the logs help to troubleshoot the problem.

Note: AppDefense Appliance, AppDefense Guest Module, and AppDefense Host Module must have version or later.
  1. Log in to the AppDefense Appliance VA GUI at https://<appliance ip address> using the admin credentials or using the vSphere user credentials.

    You can log in using the vSphere user credentials only when the AppDefense Appliance is registered to the vCenter Server.

  2. Go to the Troubleshooting > Hosts/Guest Logs tab.
  3. To enable or disable the feature, click the toggle button. By default, the feature is disabled. You can enable the feature based on the following requirements.
    • When SaaS service is enabled: You cannot configure the setting from appliance. To enable the feature, contact the AppDefense support team.
    • When SaaS service is not enabled: You can enable or disable the setting.

When the feature is enabled, AppDefense support team can download and analyze the host or guest module logs with the vCenter Server events and information about host and guest on appliance. When a host or a guest module becomes unreachable, logs help to troubleshoot the problem quickly.