From AppDefense 2.3.2, you can export a vulnerability report in the csv format.


You have configured Vulnerability feature.


  1. On the AppDefense plug-in dashboard, click the Vulnerability tab.
  2. Go towards the bottom of the page, and click the required tab, either VMware, Windows OS, or Linux OS. The distribution of vulnerable assets is based on the filter applied at the top section.
  3. Click Export.
    The Export Vulnerabilities or Export OS Vulnerabilities page appears. Select the required parameters.
    • If you want to export information on the current page that is displayed, click Current Page. To export all the data until now, click All Pages.
    • CVE Details: If you want to include CVE details like the CVSS complexity, access vector, availability and authentication impact, select the check box.
    • Affected Assets: If you want to include list of all affected assets/VMs, select the check box.
  4. Click Confirm.

    The report is downloaded in the csv format.


You can also export the VM-specific Application or OS level vulnerability report from the VM > Monitor > AppDefense > Vulnerabilities tab.