You are facing disk space issues during AppDefense Appliance upgrade.


Appliance upgrade is triggered, but even after some time (> 30 minutes), the upgrade process is not complete. Appliance displays earlier version, both on appliance UI and AppDefense Manager. Usually, appliance functionality is not impacted. In most of the cases, appliance upgrade on the 2.x appliance is failed due to the out of space issue. You can verify the upgrade failure from the appliance log file located at /opt/vmware/var/log/vami/updatecli.log.


Download or unzip an upgrade bundle can take up disk space and can cause an out of space issue.


  1. Go to The script is downloaded.
  2. SSH to AppDefense Appliance using the admin credentials. For example, ssh admin@<Appliance_IP_Address>.
  3. Run the following script.
    curl -s | sudo bash
  4. Upgrade appliance with the appliance upgrade bundle again. For details, refer to Step 1: Upgrade AppDefense Appliance.


The disk space issue is resolved and appliance upgrade is successful.