You can export logs for the hosts and the associated virtual machines. You can select a required duration for the exported logs, and can also export the already saved search result.


  1. Log in to the AppDefense Appliance VA GUI at https://<appliance ip address> using the admin credentials or using the vSphere user credentials.
  2. Go to the Troubleshooting > Export tab.
  3. Filter Query: Enter the saved search result.
  4. Select the time range from the calendar. The time gap must be greater than one minute. The date and time that is displayed is specific to the time zone.

  5. Hosts: Select the required hosts.
  6. Export VM logs: To include the VM logs for the selected hosts, select Export VM logs.
  7. Click Export Logs. The logs get exported. To discard the exported logs, click Discard.
  8. To download the exported logs, click Download.


The logs get downloaded on your system.

What to do next

You can provide the exported logs to the VMware AppDefense technical support team.