You can set the logging level for each service from the AppDefense Appliance Troubleshoot > Log Settings tab. The log level can be configured in a built-in package file such as Root and com.vmware.appd. By default, Root has Error and com.vmware.appd has Info as assigned log level.


  1. Log in to the AppDefense Appliance VA GUI at https://<appliance ip address> using the admin credentials or using the vSphere user credentials.
  2. Go to the Configuration > Troubleshoot tab.
  3. Select the required service that you want from the list.
  4. To change the log level settings, click the log level that you want from the list.

  5. A logger is the entry point in to the logging system to which messages can be written for processing. To add a logger and configure its log level, click the Add new logger (+) icon.
  6. To save your changes, click Save.


Log level settings are changed.