The VM > Monitor > AppDefense > Vulnerabilities tab of the virtual machine displays list of application level vulnerabilities for that particular virtual machine. To view application vulnerabilities, AppDefense Guest Module and AppDefense Host Module must have version or later.

You can view all vulnerabilities for any particular virtual machine.
  1. Go to the VM > Monitor > AppDefense > Vulnerabilities tab.
  2. Click the App tab.

AppDefense displays vulnerabilities only for the actively running applications in the VM. You can filter the columns using the filter icon.

For your quick reference, vendor and product information are provided. The Version and Fixed By column displays the version and the build number in which the listed vulnerability is fixed. You must upgrade to the listed version and the build number to resolve the vulnerability. You can also look at the CVE-ID and view the external National Vulnerability Database ( website.

If the Fixed By column is empty, then probably there is no update available from the product to fix the vulnerability or AppDefense does not have enough information to point to a specific resolution.