After registering the AppDefense Appliance with vCenter Server, installing the AppDefense Host Module on the ESXi host, and AppDefense Guest Module on VMs where your application workloads are running, you can start using AppDefense plug-in in the vSphere Client to monitor processes that are running on your applications.

If you want to debug over a secure channel, you can encrypt the Java Management Extension (JMX) debugging offered by AppDefense Appliance. For more information, refer to How to Secure JMX Communications.

The AppDefense Dashboard in the vSphere Client shows summary of the hosts and VMs where AppDefense is installed. Dashboard displays overall processes based on the security risk detected by AppDefense. AppDefense engine monitors data and displays the process reputation.

If you have subscribed to the AppDefense Service (SaaS), you can navigate to the AppDefense Manager from the AppDefense plug-in in the vSphere Client. You can add the VMs that you want to monitor by AppDefense to a scope and service, learn behaviors, and then protect the application by taking appropriate remediation action from the AppDefense Manager. For more information, see AppDefense Getting Started.