You must enable Guest Integrity from AppDefense Service(SaaS) before installing the AppDefense Guest Module.

Enable the Guest Integrity feature as follows.


  • These steps assume you have supportable version of Windows workloads running on the host(s) where you have configured the AppDefense Host Module. For details, refer to System Requirements For AppDefense.
  • You have installed VMware Tools and is running on the VMs where you want to install the AppDefense Guest Module.
  • You have installed the AppDefense Host Module.
  • If the VM version is lower than 13, upgrade the VM hardware version to 13 or later.

    Follow the Knowledge Base Article for upgrading a VM to the latest hardware version.


  1. Log in to the AppDefense Manager.
  2. Click Inventory, and then click the VMs tab.
  3. Select the required VM, and then click Enable Guest Integrity.
    A confirmation window to restart the VM after enabling the Guest Integrity appears.
  4. Click Submit.
    Note: Depending on activity currently going on inside the VM, use this option judiciously. If you defer restarting the VM, then perform the restart through the vCenter Server console. For Guest Integrity to take effect, you must restart the VM at least once.


The Recent Infrastructure Action column displays the status. Refresh the page after few minutes to verify the updated status.

What to do next

Install AppDefense Guest Module.