The VMware tab at the bottom of the Vulnerabilities page displays list of vulnerabilities for the vCenter Server and ESXi hosts.

Note: vCenter Server and ESXi related vulnerabilities are not available from version 2.3.2.
On the AppDefense plug-in dashboard, click the Vulnerabilities tab. The tabs at the bottom sort the vulnerabilities based on the assets. The VMware tab displays list of vulnerabilities for the vCenter Server and ESXi hosts. Expand the required vulnerability and view more details.

VMware publishes a security advisory for every vulnerability found in VMware products with the patch information. Each vulnerability contains information like product affected, version, whether any patch is available, workarounds, attack vectors, and CVSS score. You can click the VMware Security Advisory link and view the external VMware security advisory website with more details on that vulnerability. You can also view the external National Vulnerability Database ( website.

Hosts affected by the vulnerability are listed in the Affected Hosts panel. Click the host and go to the Host > Monitor > AppDefense > Vulnerabilities tab. The AppDefense > Vulnerabilities tab lists all the vulnerabilities affecting that particular host.

The Version and Fixed Build column displays the version and the build number in which the listed vulnerability is fixed. You must upgrade to the listed version and the build number to resolve the vulnerability.