Welcome to the VMware AppDefense™ documentation site! Learn how to configure and manage AppDefense with our documentation.

Where To Start With AppDefense Documentation

You can read all about AppDefense key concepts. New users usually start with the VMware AppDefense Solution Overview or How VMware AppDefense Works (video).

AppDefense is a subscription Service (SaaS), but requires you to install some on-premises components. So read through the software requirements for installing Appdefense and hardware requirements for installing Appdefense to make sure your system is ready for the next steps. Read AppDefense Installation to help you decide which installation method is right for you.

  • Looking for complete overview of AppDefense and step-by-step instructions to register and use the AppDefense Service (SaaS)?

    Read AppDefense Getting Started.

  • Looking for step-by-step instructions to install, upgrade, and integrate AppDefense with other products?

    Read Installing AppDefense.

  • Looking for step-by-step instructions to install, upgrade, and use AppDefense Plug-in for the Platinum Edition?

    Read AppDefense Plug-In.

Use the navigation on the left to browse through the available documentation. We keep the documentation up to date with the latest release of VMware AppDefense. If you are looking for information on older releases, you can look in the left-hand navigation for version-specific release notes. AppDefense documentation is also available in the PDF format. Use the left-hand navigation to browse to the required guide that you want to download, and click the Download PDF icon.

Other VMware AppDefense Resources

Want to get started? Contact Sales or see how to sign up for the AppDefense Service (SaaS). You can also try the AppDefense Hands-on Lab.

You can learn about deploying and managing AppDefense to your environment by reading the documentation and watching videos on the VMware AppDefense video channel like this video.