You can manually create a scope and then add a service with members that you want to monitor. You can create scopes for each data center application that you intend to monitor using AppDefense. You can create services for each role within that scope.

You can also watch the video about how to create scopes and services.


You are logged in to AppDefense Manager.


  1. Create a scope manually.
    1. In the left navigation pane, next to Scopes, click +.
    2. In Scope Name, enter some identifying information about the application, and then click Create.
      The scope is created and appears in the Dashboard under the Scope in discovery panel. By default, the created scope is in the Discovery Mode.
      You can search a scope by name or filter by mode or provisioning system.

  2. Add a service to the created scope.
    1. Go to the created scope, and click Add Service.
    2. On the Service Overview page, provide the service details. Enter Service Name.
    3. Select Service Type from the list. For example, App Server, or Web Server.
      Typically, homegrown applications have three services (Application, Web, and Database), but scopes can include more than three services (file server, print server, compliance server, and so on).
    4. Enter description for the service.
    5. Click Next.
  3. Add members to the service.
    1. On the Members page, add members by selecting required virtual machine (VM) from the list. The selected VMs are VMs that you are protecting.
    2. Click Next.
  4. On the Allowed Behavior page, do not add any allowed behaviors right now. System learns the behavior in the Discovery Mode, so you can skip adding any allowed behaviors initially.
  5. Click Finish.


You can view the added scope. Click the scope and view the added service. The detail of the selected service is available on the right side. You can view the Behaviors, Members, and Rules tab.