The Topology tab enables viewing large amount of complex application behavior data easily in an interactive graphic. A graphical visualization illustrates application behavior, showing the relationships of the services within the application and also the relationships of the connected components (VMs, private address, public address, and so on) to each other. Remote nodes and connectivity information is also graphically displayed in a way to enable users to focus on the application servers that are causal or may have the greatest impact. The tab represents the rules in a graphical manner by using symbols to show how services are related to each other depending on the allowed behaviors and connection rules set for each of the services. The data displayed on the tab is read-only. Any changes made on the Services tab gets reflected on the Topology tab.

When you log in to the AppDefense Manager, click the required scope and then click the Topology tab. Click a service node to get an overview of the service connections. You can also view service to service connection. Click to expand the following categories.

  • Incoming IP
  • Public IP
  • Private IP
  • Global Services
  • VMs
  • Wildcards
  • Others

The right pane displays details of the selected category.