You can blacklist or whitelist a process.


  1. Go to the service and click the service card for the process that you want to edit.
    You can view the process details.
  2. Click the Manage Process drop-down menu.
  3. You can see Whitelist and Blacklist.
    • If you want to blacklist the process, click Blacklist. Blacklisted processes are processes you NEVER want to add to the allowed behavior list. Blacklisting a process prevents the process from execution, thus blacklists the process from all services on which the process is running. The process is removed from all the services in that organization and from the Behavior list.
    • If you want to whitelist the process, click Whitelist. Whitelisted process is used as an input to the AppDefense Alarm Classification Engine.
    A confirmation window appears. Click Confirm.


The process is changed accordingly.