You, as an administrator, can configure settings for the advanced remediation action for users within your organization. Advanced remediation actions include quarantine, suspend, and power off. Based on the configured settings, users within the organization can perform or not perform remediation actions.

Based on your requirement, select the required setting.
Parameter Description
Enable for all users All users within the organization can take the remediation action. Users include both administrator and analyst.
Enable for only admins Only users with the administrator role can take the remediation action within the organization.
Disable for all users No user in the organization can take the remediation action. Even an administrator is not allowed to take any remediation action.
Note: When administrator disables advanced remediation for all users in the organization, all existing advanced remediation rules (quarantine, suspend, and power off) are reverted to Alert only.

For changes to apply, log in to AppDefense Manager again.

Administrator can view the advanced remediation log from the settings > Audit Logs tab.