Starting from the AppDefense Appliance 2.3 release, you can now upgrade AppDefense Appliance with the Fail-Safe upgrade feature. If there is an upgrade failure, the Fail-Safe appliance upgrade reverts the appliance to the previous running version. Newly deployed 2.2.1 appliance version qualifies for the Fail-Safe upgrade.

Following steps lists the upgrade path that you have to follow to make the appliance version compatible with the Fail-Safe upgrade feature. If your appliance version is 2.2.0 or earlier, you can follow these steps for the Fail-Safe upgrade feature.

  1. Back Up AppDefense Appliance VM Before Upgrade.
  2. Upgrade to intermediate version 2.2.1.
  3. Add an Additional Disk for Appliance VM.
  4. Resolve disk space issues, if any.
  5. Download Appliance Upgrade Bundle.
  6. Now upgrade to version 2.3 with Fail-Safe upgrade feature support. For details, refer Step 1: Upgrade AppDefense Appliance.