RabbitMQ packaged by VMware - Enable TLS termination with an Ingress controller

This chart facilitates the creation of TLS secrets for use with the Ingress controller (although this is not mandatory). There are several common use cases:

  • Generate certificate secrets based on chart parameters.
  • Enable externally generated certificates.
  • Manage application certificates via an external service (like cert-manager).
  • Create self-signed certificates within the chart.

In the first two cases, a certificate and a key are needed. Files are expected in *.pem format.

Here is an example of a certificate file:

NOTE: There may be more than one certificate if there is a certificate chain.


Here is an example of a certificate key:

  • If using Helm to manage the certificates based on the parameters, copy these values into the certificate and key values for a given *.ingress.secrets entry.
  • If managing TLS secrets separately, it is necessary to create a TLS secret with name INGRESS_HOSTNAME-tls (where INGRESS_HOSTNAME is a placeholder to be replaced with the hostname you set using the *.ingress.hostname parameter).
  • If your cluster has a cert-manager add-on to automate the management and issuance of TLS certificates, add to *.ingress.annotations the corresponding ones for cert-manager.
  • If using self-signed certificates created by Helm, set both *.ingress.tls and *.ingress.selfSigned to true.
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