package for Redis® - Enable TLS

TLS support can be enabled in the chart by specifying the tls. parameters while creating a release. The following parameters should be configured to properly enable the TLS support in the chart:

  • tls.enabled: Enable TLS support. Defaults to false
  • tls.certificatesSecret: Name of the secret that contains the certificates. No defaults.
  • tls.certFilename: Certificate filename. No defaults.
  • tls.certKeyFilename: Certificate key filename. No defaults.
  • tls.certCAFilename: CA Certificate filename. No defaults.

For example:

  • Create the secret with the certificate files:

      $ kubectl create secret generic certificates-tls-secret --from-file=./cert.pem --from-file=./cert.key --from-file=./ca.pem
  • Deploy the chart with the following parameters:

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