VMware Application Catalog Releases

VMware Application Catalog helps you to manage the releases of the containers and charts that you use in your applications.

Understanding the Information Related to Chart and Container Releases

When selecting a container or chart catalog, you can check the information related to a specific container or chart by clicking the “Details” link.

In the resulting screen, you will find important information associated with the container or chart release:

  • Status: It can be either “Pending” or “Released”. When the status is shown as “Pending”, it means that the current chart or container image version is pending to be built and released.
  • Version: It indicates the current chart or container image version available in this catalog.
  • Revision: It indicates the regular update that the VMware Application Catalog team has performed to update the components and packages included in a chart or container image version.

Release information

Understanding the Differences Between Digest and Container Tags

When checking the details of a container image, you will see under the “Image References” section the following subsections: Digest and Container Tags.

  • Digest: A unique ID that identifies the container image.
  • Container Tags: “Aliases” used to specify the version/variant of a container image.

Differences between digest and container tags

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