The ServiceNow administrator can configure the multi-level approval for the day-2 action.


  • You must be the system administrator in ServiceNow.

  • The scope must be selected as the VMware Aria Automation plug-in.


  1. Log in to ServiceNow as a system administrator.
  2. From the left pane, go to Workflow > Workflow Editor.

    The Workflow Editor opens in the new browser tab.

  3. Search for Automation Day2 Action Approval SubWorkFlow then open the Workflow.
  4. Check out the workflow to add more activities to sub-workflow.
  5. From the Core tab, add the Approval - Group to the workflow.
  6. In the Approvers section, select the groups.
  7. Update the connecting arrows for Accept and Reject.
  8. Click Update.
  9. Click the menu icon and select Publish to save.
  10. Repeat the steps to add more approval activities in the subworkflow.
    • By default, three approval activities are added to the subworkflow. Admin can add desired approval groups to these activities.

    • System administrator must add all the approval group names in the x_vmw_cloudservice.Automation-ApprovalGroup system property.