The deployments and resources are not visible in ServiceNow.


Even after running the scheduled job, deployments and resources are not displayed in ServiceNow.


This problem occurs as some fields in the CMDB_ci_appl table have mandatory conditions.


  1. Right-click on the header bar > configure and open the CMDB_ci_appltable.

  2. Check if the following mandatory field is set to true:

    1. Locate the mandatory fields that are set to true, make them non-mandatory, and save them.

    2. Check if you are allowed to make any changes in the CMDB_ci_appl table. If not, then you need to make changes in the x_vmw_cloudservice_deployments table.

  3. To make changes, perform the following:

    1. In the x_vmw_cloudservice_deployments table, locate the mandatory field that is set to true.

    2. Navigate to Dictionary Override > Create new record in the selected x_vmw_cloudservice_deployments table.

    3. Select the Override mandatory check box and click Submit.


      If there is a mandatory condition in the x_vmw_cloudservice_deployments column that does not have any condition set, then update it to mandatory false or create a dictionary override.