As an Automation Assembler administrator, you create extensibility actions that can be shared across projects without exporting and importing the action.

For information on exporting and importing extensibility actions, see Export and import extensibility actions.


Create two or more projects in your Automation Assembler organization.


  1. Select Extensibility > Library > Actions.
  2. Click New Action.
  3. Enter a name for your extensibility action.
  4. (Optional) Enter a description for your extensibility action.
  5. Select a project in which your extensibility action is created.
  6. Tick the Share with all projects in this organization checkbox.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Create or import your action script, and save your extensibility action.
    Note: You can enable or disable sharing from Settings. If the extensibility action is used in subscriptions, you cannot disable sharing. To disable sharing, you must remove the extensibility action from your subscriptions.
  9. Create an extensibility subscription, add the shared extensibility action, and set the subscription scope to Any Project.
    Note: For more information on creating extensibility subscriptions, see Create an extensibility subscription.
    The extensibility subscription is triggered by matching events in any of your projects.

What to do next

You can also import shared extensibility actions as a content source in the Automation Service Broker catalog. When you select the source project, enter the project that the extensibility action was created in. For more information on adding extensibility actions to Automation Service Broker, see Add extensibility actions to the Service Broker catalog.