Automation Assembler applies standard tags to some deployments to support analysis, monitoring, and grouping of deployed resources.

Standard tags are unique within Automation Assembler. Unlike other tags, users do not work with them during deployment configuration, and no constraints are applied. These tags are applied automatically during provisioning on AWS, Azure, and vSphere deployments. These tags are stored as system custom properties, and they are added to deployments after provisioning.

The list of standard tags appears below.

Table 1. Standard tags
Description Tag
Organization org:orgID
Project project:projectID
Requester requester:username
Deployment deployment:deploymentID
Cloud template reference (if applicable) blueprint:blueprintID
Component name in blueprint blueprintResourceName:CloudMachine_1
Placement Constraints: applied in blueprint, request parameters, or via IT policy constraints:key:value:soft
Cloud Account cloudAccount:accountID
Zone or profile, if applicable zone:zoneID, networkProfile:profileID, storageProfile:profileID