If your VMware Aria Automation environment is clustered, you can create an anti-affinity rule and machine cluster to ensure proper vSphere High Availability workflow.

To protect any clustered VMware Aria Automation nodes from a host-level failure, configure an anti-affinity rule to run virtual machines that exist on different hosts in the default vSphere management cluster. After you create an anti-affinity rule, configure a virtual machine group to define the desired machine start-up order. By using a defined machine start-up order, you can ensure that vSphere High Availability powers on the clustered VMware Aria Automation nodes in the correct order for your environment.

For information about how to configure anti-affinity rules for a manager cluster, see Create Anti-Affinity Rule for Global Manager Cluster in VMware Cloud Foundation in VMware Cloud Foundation Product Documentation.

For general information about creating anti-affinity rules for VMs, see Create VM Anti-Affinity Rules.