Create an anti-affinity rule to ensure that each VMware Aria Automation appliance runs on a different ESXi host. This ensures that if an ESXi host fails, the VMware Aria Automation appliance remains available and operational on one or more other hosts.

  1. In a web browser, log in to the management domain or VI workload domain vCenter at https://vcenter_server_fqdn/ui.
  2. Select Menu > Hosts and Clusters.
  3. In the inventory, expand vCenter Server > Datacenter.
  4. Select the VMware Aria Automation appliance or appliances and click the Configure tab.
  5. Select VM/Host rules and click Add.
  6. Enter the following rule details:
    • Name - Enter a new rule name.
    • Enable rule - Toggle this option on.
    • Type - Select Separate Virtual Machines.
    • Members - Click Add, select the VMware Aria Automation appliance or appliances, and click OK.
  7. Click OK on the Create VM/Host rule page.