The VMware Aria Automation Plug-in is available on the ServiceNow Store and the following are the highlights of the release.

This application is available for use with the on-premises and SaaS versions of VMware Aria Automation. For earlier versions of product documentation for the vRealize Automation ITSM Application for ServiceNow, see vRealize Automation Documentation.

For the 8.12 version of this publication, see Release Notes for VMware Aria Automation Plug-in 8.12.

Highlights for the 8.13.1 release

  • Minor Bug fixes.

Highlights for the 8.13 release

  • Support of External Source for read-only on the Day-0 catalog item.

  • Support for data grid using Multi-Row Variable Set(MRVS).

  • Support of Resource selection without selecting Deployments for Day-2 action.

  • Support of Remote Console connection for resources.