You can run a workflow from the Automation Orchestrator Client to create an address book for testing purposes.


  • Verify that the user account you are logged in with has the necessary permissions to run XML workflows.
  • Verify that you created the c:/orchestrator folder at the root of the Orchestrator server system or set access rights to another folder.


  1. Log in to the Automation Orchestrator Client.
  2. Navigate to Library > Workflows and enter the xml and samples_xml_(address_book) tags in the workflow search box.
  3. Locate the Full address book test workflow and click Run.
  4. Type the path to the address book folder.
    For example, c:/orchestrator/foldername.
    The workflow automatically creates the folder if it does not exist.
  5. Click Run.


The workflow creates a DTD, an XML, and a CSS file, appends the stylesheet, and stores the files in the specified folder.