Use a Automation Orchestrator workflow to implement project onboarding.

The previous scenario for assigning a catalog item is implemented as a Automation Orchestrator workflow provided in the sample section under vRA plug-in > REST > Organization infrastructure onboarding > Project Onboarding. It covers all aspects of onboarding, excluding the optional Workspace ONE Access synchronization.

The following workflow creates IaaS project with:

  • Setting a single zone if this was provided as input. If no specific zone is provided as an input, the workflow configures all available zones.

  • Set the network constraint passed as a input parameter.

  • Set tags and custom properties for cost code and project name provided as input.

  • Set specific folders for the project and for the environment.

  • Set a specific naming template.

  • Set administrator and user groups.

The workflow also performs the following Service Broker updates:

  • Create a specific content source for the project.

  • Share this content source and other sharable content in this project.

Finally, the workflow performs the following Identity Management configurations:

  • Assign admin group Automation Assembler, Service Broker, and Orchestrator administrator roles.

  • Assign user group Automation Assembler and Service Broker user roles.

There is another project onboarding workflow under vRA plug-in > inventory objects > Organization infrastructure onboarding > Project Onboarding where the custom create project action delivered as part of the samples is replaced by the Create Project workflow that is part of the Automation Orchestrator plug-in for VMware Aria Automation.