VMware Aria Automation provides pre-defined application and services life cycles operations with some level of applicable configurations. However each user has specific processes and integrations that require customizing this life cycle via extensibility.

In vRealize Automation 7.x and VMware Aria Automation 8.x lifecycle extensibility is applied through the Event Broker service. The most common use case are related to the machine provisioning that supports different subscriptions including for example:

  • Pre-provisioning to take action on third party systems or to modify the provisioning configuration.

  • Post-provisioning to run an operation on the provisioned resources.

  • Notify or record request provisioning data in external systems.

Event Broker subscriptions exist in VMware Aria Automation 8.x, but they:

  • Use different event topics. VMware Aria Automation 8.x event topics are similar to vRealize Automation 7.x event topics, but are not identical.

  • VMware Aria Automation 8.x subscriptions use different a payload to pass parameters.

  • VMware Aria Automation 8.x subscriptions use different metadata.

  • VMware Aria Automation 8.x subscriptions use a different approach to create criteria to filter the cases where the subscription start a workflow.

  • Action-based extensibility can be used to provide function as a service (FaaS) operations for on-premises and cloud deployments.

VMware Aria Automation 8.x provisioning event topics are redesigned with a set of high level topics calling deployment resources topics: