The Deployment List page displays the list of deployments entitled to the user. Users can view the status of the deployments they own. From the Deployment List page, the user can view the deployment status, expiry date, number of resources associated with deployment, a project associated with the deployment, owner, and so on.



  1. Log in to the ServiceNow portal.
  2. From the left pane, go to Service Portal > Service Portal Home.
  3. On the Deployments widget, click View All.

    The Deployment List page opens with a list of all the available deployments.

  4. Click the desired deployment to view the deployment details.

    On the Deployment List page, you can search deployment using the search bar only for the following fields:

    • Name

    • Status

    • Description

    • Project

    • Endpoint


    For better consistency between requested item comments and the actual deployment status field, you can have one of the following values:





    The out-of-box business rule “Assign from Stock” on the RITM table will set install_status of deployments to pending_install on the deployments table based on the absence of the ServiceNow plug-in for Hardware Asset Management. For more information, see KB article.