You can edit a recovery plan to change the properties that you specified when you created it. You can edit recovery plans from the protected site or from the recovery site.


  1. In the vSphere Client, click Site Recovery > Open Site Recovery.
  2. On the Site Recovery home tab, select a site pair, and click View Details.
  3. Click the Recovery Plans tab, right-click a recovery plan, and click Edit.
  4. (Optional) Change the name or description of the plan, and click Next.
    You cannot change the direction and the location of the recovery plan.
  5. (Optional) Select or deselect one or more protection groups to add them to or remove them from the plan, and click Next.
  6. (Optional) From the drop-down menu select a different test network on the recovery site, and click Next.
  7. Review the summary information and click Finish to make the specified changes to the recovery plan.
    You can monitor the update of the plan in the Recent Tasks view.