Day 2 actions are changes that you can make to deployed resources. There are limits to the changes that you can make using the actions. There are some properties that you cannot change using certain actions. Review the list of excluded properties if you expected a change but nothing was modified.

Storage Properties

The following storage properties cannot be modified using the Update deployment action.

Table 1. List of excluded properties
Deployment Component Property
Cloud.Machine storage - bootDiskCapacityInGB
Cloud.Machine storage - maxDiskCapacityInGB
Cloud.Machine storage - constraints
Cloud.Volume encrypted
Cloud.Volume name
Cloud.Volume constraints
Cloud.Volume maxDiskCapacityInGB
Cloud.Volume persistent
Cloud.Volume tags
Cloud.Vsphere.Disk datastore
Cloud.Vsphere.Disk storagePolicy
Cloud.Vsphere.Disk provisioningType
Cloud.Vsphere.Disk SCSIController
Cloud.Vsphere.Disk UnitNumber
Cloud.AWS.Volume volumeType
Cloud.AWS.Volume iops
Cloud.Azure.Disk resourceGroup
Cloud.Azure.Disk storageAccountName
Cloud.Azure.Disk managedDiskType
Cloud.Azure.Disk diskCaching
Cloud.GCP.Disk persistentDiskType