To make REST requests, you can either invoke a configured REST operation or invoke a REST operation dynamically by using a configured REST operation as a template and replacing any of the parameters at runtime.

There are several ways to invoke a REST operation.

  • Configure REST hosts and associate REST operations with them by running the Add a REST Host and Add a REST Operation workflows. The registered REST hosts and REST operations are persistent and can be found in the Inventory and Resources views.
  • Invoke a REST operation without previously configuring REST hosts and adding REST operations by running the Invoke a dynamic REST operation workflow from Library > Workflows. With this workflow, you can provide REST host base URL and operation parameters. The data is not persistent and is not available in the Inventory and Resources views.
  • Configure REST hosts, associate REST operations with them, and use the configured REST hosts and REST operations as templates for further use, by running the Invoke a REST host with dynamic params and Invoke a REST operation with dynamic params workflows from Library > Workflows. You can replace some of the parameters of already configured REST hosts and REST operations when you run the workflows. The original REST hosts and REST operations are not affected.

Invoke a REST Operation

Call a REST operation directly.


  • Verify that you are logged in to the Automation Orchestrator Client as an administrator.
  • Verify that you have a connection to a REST host from the Inventory view.


  1. Navigate to Library > Workflows and enter the http-rest and configuration tags in the workflow search box.
  2. Locate the Invoke a REST operation workflow and click Run.
  3. On the Operation tab, select the REST operation from the list of available operations.
  4. Provide the input parameters and content that the operation requires.
  5. Click Run.