The SNMP plug-in allows Automation Orchestrator to connect and receive information from SNMP-enabled systems and devices. You can define SNMP devices as inventory objects by running workflows, and perform SNMP operations on the defined objects.

You can use the plug-in to connect to SNMP devices such as routers, switches, network printers, and UPS devices. The plug-in can also receive events from vCenter over the SNMP protocol.

The SNMP plug-in provides two methods of communication with the SNMP devices.
  • Queries for the values of specific SNMP variables.
  • Listening for events (SNMP traps) that are generated from the devices and pushed to the registered SNMP managers.

The plug-in contains a set of standard workflows related to managing SNMP devices, queries, the trap host, and performing SNMP operations. You can also create custom workflows to automate tasks in an SNMP environment.