You can set parameter properties to constrain the input parameters that users provide when they run Automation Orchestrator workflows.

With Automation Orchestrator, you can define the parameter properties used to quantify the input parameter values used in workflows. The parameter properties you define impose limits on the types and values of the input parameters that users can provide in Automation Orchestrator workflows.

Parameter properties validate the input parameters and modify the presentation of the text boxes that appear in the input parameters dialog box. Some parameter properties can create dependencies between parameters.
Parameter Property Description
Label Set the input parameter label.
Display type Set the input text box display type.
Visibility Set the visibility of the input parameter.
Read-only Set the input text box as read-only.
Custom help Set the input parameter signpost description.
Default value Set the default value of the input parameter.
Step Used for number type inputs. Set by how much the value of the input parameter increases per click.
Required Sets if the input parameter value is mandatory or not.
Regular expression Validates the input by using a regular expression.
Minimum value Set the minimum value or length of the parameter.
Maximum value Set the maximum value or length of the parameter.
Match text box Set the input parameter value to match the value of another input parameter.
Value source Set the value source of the parameter properties in the Appearance, Value, and Constraints tabs.
Note: You can import the value of external actions by using External source. The filtering of available actions is done by parameter type.