The VMware Aria Automation 8 Migration Assistant tool includes these custom properties limitations.

VMware Aria Automation 8 only supports vSphere custom property components. It does not support migration for these custom properties:
  • Custom properties specified in compute resources
  • Custom properties specified in reservations
  • Custom properties specified in endpoints
  • Predefined custom properties:
    • _debug_deployment
    • _Notes
    • NSX.Edge.ApplianceSize
    • NSX.Edge.HighAvailability
    • NSX.Edge.HighAvailability.PortGroup
    • VirtualMachine.Rdp.SettingN
    • VirtualMachine.Software%.ISOLocation
    • VirtualMachine.Software%.ISOName
    • VirtualMachine.Software%.Name
    • VirtualMachine.Software%.ScriptPath
  • Property Groups. Custom properties in property groups are flatten out into blueprint migration.
    Note: If a blueprint has a custom properties that use the '.' character it is replaced with '_' character. For example, VirtualMachine.Core.Count becomes VirtualMachine_Core_Count.