As you work with extensibility subscriptions within Automation Assembler, you might encounter some terminology that is specific to the subscriptions and event broker service.

Table 1. Extensibility Terminology
Term Description
Event Topic Describes a set of events that have the same logical intent and the same structure. Every event is an instance of an event topic.

You can assign blocking parameters to certain event topics. For more information, see Blocking event topics.

Event Indicates a change in the state in the producer or any of the entities managed by it. The event is the entity that records information about the event occurrence.
Event Broker Service The service that dispatches messages published by a producer to the subscribed consumers.
Payload The event data that contains all the relevant properties related to that Event Topic.
Subscription Indicates that a subscriber is interested in being notified about an event by subscribing to an event topic and defining the criteria that triggers the notification. Subscriptions link either extensibility actions or workflows to triggering events used to automate parts of the applications life cycle.
Subscriber The users notified by the events published to the event broker service based on the subscription definition. The subscriber can also be called a consumer.
System Administrator A user with privileges to create, read, update, and delete tenant workflow subscriptions and system workflow subscriptions using Automation Assembler.
Workflow Subscription Specifies the event topic and conditions that trigger a Automation Orchestrator workflow.
Action Subscription Specifies the event topic and conditions that trigger an extensibility action to run.
Workflow A Automation Orchestrator workflow that is integrated within Automation Assembler. You can link these workflows to events within subscriptions.
Extensibility Action A streamlined script of code that can run after an event is triggered in a subscription. Extensibility actions are similar to workflows, but are more lightweight. Extensibility actions can customized from within Automation Assembler.
Action Runs Accessible through the Action Runs tab. An action run is a detailed log of extensibility actions that have run in response to triggering events.