If VMware Aria Operations isn't recommending workload placements the way that you expect, review the deployment request details in Automation Assembler or VMware Aria Automation Service Broker.

  1. Go to Infrastructure > Activity > Requests, and click the request.
  2. In Request Details, look at the allocation phases.

    Look for targets that were successfully or unsuccessfully identified.

  3. In Request Details, at the upper right, enable Dev Mode.
  4. Follow the request path to locate filter blocks.
  5. Click a filter block, and review the following section.
    filterName: ComputePlacementPolicyAffinityHostFilter
      ˅ computeLinksBefore
      ˅ computeLinksAfter
      ˅ filteredOutHostsReasons
    Entry Description
    computeLinksBefore List of potential placement hosts based on VMware Aria Automation algorithms.
    computeLinksAfter Selected placement host.
    filteredOutHostsReasons Messages describing why a host was selected or rejected.

    When VMware Aria Operations selects the host, the following message appears.

    advance policy filter: Filtered hosts based on recommendation from vROPS.