By using a Automation Orchestrator integration, or extensibility actions with Automation Assembler, you can create subscriptions to extend your applications.

Extensibility subscriptions allow you to extend your applications by triggering workflows or actions at specific life-cycle events. You can also apply filters to your subscriptions to set Boolean conditions for the specified event. For example, the event and workflow or action only triggers if the Boolean expression is 'true'. This is helpful for scenarios where you want to control when events, actions, or workflows are triggered.


  • Verify that you have the cloud administrator user role.
  • If you are using Automation Orchestrator workflows:
    • The library of the embedded Automation Orchestrator Client or the library of any integrated external Automation Orchestrator instance.
  • If you are using extensibility actions:


  1. Select Extensibility > Subscriptions.
  2. Click New Subscription.
  3. Enter the details of your subscription.
  4. Set the Organization scope for the subscription.
    Note: For more information on creating extensibility subscriptions for organization providers and tenants, see Create extensibility subscriptions for providers or tenants.
  5. Select an Event Topic.
  6. (Optional) Set conditions for the event topic.
    Note: Conditions can be created by using a JavaScript syntax expression. This expression can include Boolean operators, such as "&&" (AND), "||" (OR), "^" (XOR), and "!" (NOT). You can also use arithmetic operators, such as “==" (equal to), "!=" (not equal to), ">=" (greater than or equal), "<=" (less than or equal), ">" (greater than), and "<" (lesser than). More complex Boolean expressions can be built out of simpler expressions. To access the event payload according to the specified topic parameters, use '' or any of the event header properties: sourceType, sourceIdentity, timeStamp, eventType, eventTopicId, correlationType, correlationId, description, targetType, targetId, userName, and orgId.
  7. Under Action/workflow, select a runnable item for your extensibility subscription.
  8. (Optional) If applicable, configure the blocking behavior for the event topic.
  9. (Optional) To define the project scope of the extensibility subscription, deselect Any Project and click Add Projects.
    Note: If the organization scope of the subscription is set to Any tenant organization, the project scope is always set to Any Project and the project scope cannot be changed. You can only change the project scope if the organization scope is set to the provider organization.
  10. To save your subscription, click Save.


Your subscription is created. When an event, categorized by the selected event topic occurs, the linked Automation Orchestrator workflow or extensibility action is initiated and all subscribers are notified.

What to do next

After creating your subscription, you can create or deploy a cloud template to link and use the subscription. You can also verify the status of the workflow or extensibility action run in the Extensibility tab in Automation Assembler. For subscriptions containing Automation Orchestrator workflows, you can also monitor runs and workflow status from the Automation Orchestrator Client.