In VMware Aria Automation 8, Blueprints are called VMware Cloud Templates. All migrated vRealize Automation 7 blueprints are migrated as VMware Cloud Templates.

Basic Blueprint Support

VMware Aria Automation 8 supports these component types and provisioning methods:
  • Amazon EC2
  • Azure
  • vSphere
  • Cloning
  • Linked Clone
    Note: VMware Aria Automation 8 does not support "Use current snapshot".
  • OVF
    Note: OVF server basic authentication and proxy servers are not supported.
  • Reservation policies are migrated as constraint tags.

Component Profile Support

Image and Size component profile value sets are migrated as input properties in VMware Cloud Templates.
  • Image value sets
    • For OVF image value sets: Proxy server configuration, and basic authentication username and password fields are not migrated to VMware Aria Automation 8. The VMware Aria Automation 8 migration assistant supports these provisioning methods used by image value sets:
      • Clone
      • Linked Clone
      • OVF
  • Size value sets
    • The storage field is not migrated to VMware Aria Automation 8.