You can extend your application life cycles by using either extensibility actions or Automation Orchestrator workflows with extensibility subscriptions.

With Automation Assembler Extensibility, you can assign an extensibility action or Automation Orchestrator workflow to an event by using subscriptions. When the specified event occurs, the subscription initiates the action or workflow to run, and all subscribers are notified.

Extensibility Actions

Extensibility actions are small, lightweight scripts of code used to specify an action and how that action is to perform. You can import extensibility actions from pre-defined Automation Assembler action templates or from a ZIP file. You can also use the action editor to create custom scripts for your extensibility actions. When multiple action scripts are linked together in one script, you create an action flow. By using action flows, you can create a sequence of actions. For information on using action flows, see What is an action flow.

Automation Orchestrator Workflows

By integrating Automation Assembler with your existing Automation Orchestrator environment, you can use workflows in your extensibility subscriptions.