You can use policy elements to run predefined Automation Orchestrator workflows or scripts when an event occurs.

You can add a policy element to trigger workflow or script runs as a response to events triggered by objects. With the periodic event element, you can schedule workflow or script runs. With the root element, you can set the start or stop behavior of policies. Policy elements can have event handlers that define when policy elements must run.
Note: Event handlers that activate policy elements can be either workflows or action scripts. If you add both a workflow and a script to an event handler, the policy ignores the script trigger and only uses the workflow trigger.
Event Handler Description
OnInit The policy element is triggered every time you start the policy.
OnExit The policy element is triggered every time you stop the policy.
OnExecute Used by the periodic event element. Triggers the policy element during the time specified in the periodic event element.
Note: Technologies plugged in to the Automation Orchestrator database can possess unique event handlers. For example, through the SNMP plug-in, you can use the OnTrap event handler when creating SNMP-based policy elements.

Policy elements are configured on the Definition tab of the policy edit window.