You can use this transition guide to help you migrate your vRealize Automation 7 environment to VMware Aria Automation 8.

Currently, the VMware Aria Automation 8 Migration Assistant tool only supports migration from 7.6 source environments. However, you can run a migration assessment for these source environments:
  • vRealize Automation 7.6
  • vRealize Automation 7.5
  • vRealize Automation 7.4
  • vRealize Automation 7.3

Restrictions: The VMware Aria Automation 8 migration assistant does not support:

  • Migration with an external Automation Orchestrator instance. The migration assistant only supports embedded Automation Orchestrator migrations.

    For information about migrating vRealize Automation 7.x extensibility toVMware Aria Automation 8, see the Aria Automation 8.x Extensibility Migration Guide.

  • Migration of VMware Aria Operations integrations. You must manually migrate your VMware Aria Operations integrations to VMware Aria Automation 8.