VMware Aria Automation 8 Migration Assistant tool includes these limitations.

  • In VMware Aria Automation 8, Blueprints are called VMware Cloud Templates.
  • Nested blueprints (Parent blueprint with children blueprints) are not supported in VMware Aria Automation 8. You can flatten nested blueprints, if desired. However, flattening blueprints will cause you to lose the abstraction layer.
  • During migration, lease policies are migrated but the Minimum lease days field is not. VMware Aria Automation 8 migrates minimum lease days as Maximum Lease Days and maximum lease days as Maximum Total Lease.
  • If your source Blueprint contained a reservation policy and that reservation policy is deleted before migration, the reservation policy is migrated and tagged on the VMware Cloud Template. However, when you attempt to provision a VMware Cloud Template (formerly Blueprint) in VMware Aria Automation 8, it fails because the reservation policy does not exist and issues this error message during provisioning:

    "No placement exists that satisfies all of the request requirements. See if suitable placements and cloud zones exist for the current project and they have been properly tagged."

    To remediate this, open the VMware Cloud Template in VMware Aria Automation 8 and remove the tag.
  • When migrating blueprints, the Migration Assistant ignores NSX settings set at the blueprint level, such as Transport Zone and Networking Reservation Policy. When the migrated blueprint is deployed, the VM and Edge are placed in the same cluster.