Provider and tenant administrators can create extensibility subscriptions to access VMware Aria Automation Orchestrator workflows. VMware Aria Automation Orchestrator workflows are triggered based on events if there is a subscription for some event topics which corresponds to a particular lifecycle phase of the application.

The characteristics of an extensibility subscription differ depending on whether the subscription was created by a provider administrator or a tenant administrator.

  • The Tenant administrator can create a subscription but cannot specify organization scope. That subscription will be activated on events triggered by tenant only.
  • The Provider administrator can create a subscription and specify provider scope. The subscription will behave just like tenant subscription or non multi-tenant environment. It will be activated based on events coming from the Provider.
  • The Provider can create a subscription and specify the tenant scope. The subscription is activated based on events coming from any Tenant. It is not activated by events coming from Provider.

Subscriptions trigger VMware Aria Automation Orchestrator workflows based on specific events. They do not invoke extensibility actions. Currently only a single VMware Aria Automation Orchestrator instance is supported for any particular provider organization. For more information about events, event topics, and subscriptions see Extensibility terminology.


Configure tenants and virtual private zones as appropriate for your deployment.


  1. In VMware Aria Automation, navigate to the Subscriptions page and click New Subscription.
  2. Enter a Name and Description for the subscription.
  3. Make sure the Enable Subscription radio button is On.
    You can leave this button in the Off position if you don't want the subscription to be immediately active.
  4. If you are a provider administrator, select the appropriate Organization Scope.
    The organization scope options are either provider or tenant. If you select tenant, then the project scope is any project and cannot be changed. If you select provider, you can specify the project scope using the selection at the bottom of the Subscriptions page.
  5. Select the Event Topic to which you wish to subscribe.
  6. Select one or more workflows.


Providers and tenants can view the returned events for a specific deployment on the Events page in Automation Assembler. The displayed results depend on your role and the organization scope.
  • If organization scope is Provider, then providers will see events based on their actions in same provider organization.
  • If organization scope is Tenant, tenants will see the events, but the provider cannot see them. Events always live in the organization of the publisher.
  1. Select Extensibility > Events in Automation Assembler.
  2. In the Events page Search box, enter the deployment ID for which you wish to view events.

The page displays events that match the search criteria.